2014 Jungle Jamboree

In October 2014, 20 Explorer Scouts and 10 Leaders from Cabot District travelled to Meghauli in the south of Nepal to run the 2nd Jungle Jamboree for Scouts in the Chitwan District. For more than a year the Explorers had been preparing for this, learning about the Nepalese culture, local Scouting, the people and the environment that shapes their lives. But there is another side to this: that of learning about themselves, how to work as a team, and the skills needed to plan, organise and run a Jungle Jamboree.

In this report, we tell the story of our expedition to Nepal. The fund raising and preparation. Nepal and the welcome we received. Meghauli Scouts and how we found out about that common bond between Scouts despite our cultures being so different. The Jungle Jamboree itself and the legacy it has left behind.

The Jungle Jamboree was part of a project to support the development of Scouting in the Chitwan District. The people of Meghauli recognise that Scouting presents a unique opportunity and experience for children to learn important life-skills that will help them when they grow into adulthood.

Our project is to help the local village communities form new Scout Groups, and to support and sustain those that have started.

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