Quiz and Curry Fundraiser

There will be a fund-raising event on the 15th September combining two of my favourite things! Rachel is organising and has let us know the details:

“It is our last big group fundraiser night, and when the raffle will be drawn. Mily and Yoga (Aryan’s parents) will be cooking authentic recipes – it promises to be an excellent night

Please order your tickets from me, rachel@abrc.co.uk. Please let me know how many adult tickets (anyone 12 and over), how many child tickets (under 12s), and how many meat and vegetarians. Please pay into the Namaste Nepal account, £10 per adult, £5 for under 12s. ”



Six weeks on Friday!

We have taken the Summer “off” to relax but now we leave in just over 6 weeks. There are still lots of jobs to be done, kit to be bought, fundraising to finish and a raffle to be drawn.

Welcome back!

Sponsored Half-Marathon Hike

“On Sunday morning at about 10:20 our group started off, it was quite boring at first and we only stopped once for lunch at checkpoint 5 out of 9. We may have got there a bit ahead of schedule (as we didn’t see any one at checkpoint 4) and we carried on with the hike (talking every so often). We finished at 15:00 and it was a 20km hike, there may have been one or two shortcuts but we didn’t miss a checkpoint. It was only a short hike, but it was way to hot and not a lot of shade (surprisingly because we were in a forest, with lots of trees over head).
Overall it was a pretty chill walk, not too stressful, not too tiring. ” Emily W

STEM 3 Blog

“We all met at 7:30 pm at Westbury on Trim Baptist Church for our third STEM meeting.

The week before each patrol had been asked to read and research different economic and political issues that were relevant to our trip to Nepal in some ways. These issues included; trade before aid, independence for Tibet and compensation for the exploitation of minorities.

To begin with a member of the Bristol City Youth Council started the evening with an activity about budgeting and deciding what to do with money for libraries, work experience and more.

Next we were told what we would be arguing for or against in a debate about the issues we had researched. We spent 20 minutes creating arguments and counter arguments and planning what to say in the debate. Once we had finished planning two scouts arguing for an issue and two scouts arguing against that issue would come up and argue their points they had planned earlier. After each debate a vote would be taken to see who had convinced the most people for their point and also to see if any scout’s minds had been changed towards the issue.

Lastly, to end the evening we were debriefed and any questions scouts had were answered.”

Sam B

Our most recent meeting was a debate evening. We began in four groups, talking about the best solutions for Bristol’s problems for young people such as: recycling, work experience, and library use. This was run by the Chair of the Bristol Youth council, Matt Simpson, and it was interesting to know that the problems we were given were those that were important to us.

Then, we were split into our patrols and we had to fight for or against a statement. The three debates were about whether there should be compensation for cultural appropriation, whether Tibet should be a separate country, and whether trade was better than aid for developing countries. After discussing, and picking the strongest points in our patrols, two members had to argue their cause. I was arguing for compensation for cultural appropriation which was quite difficult as most of my patrol were against the cause.

It was really interesting to hear people’s contributions to the debates and to see that some people had changed their opinions on a certain topic it was very educational and I think we all felt that we had learned something from the evening.

Lexi P

Health & Fitness Assessment Evening Blog #1

“We started by splitting into two groups. One group went up to Horfield Common and the other group stayed and used the rowing machines. I was in the group that did the rowing machines first. We all had to partner up to use the machines because there weren’t enough. I started off going at a fast kind of pace but slowed down quite soon into it. I didn’t enjoy much of the rowing, however I did enjoy the break that I got when it was my partner’s turn! I used the machine one more time and my partner used it two more but I can’t say that I was complaining that he used it more than me. We then swapped with the group that had been on the common.

On Horfield Common we had to do stepping lunges, bear crawl and two laps of running/walking (for me it was mostly walking). Everytime we got to the cones and back we got a card and even though it wasn’t actually a competition, most of us were still competitive. The first few laps were fine and then my knees started hurting because we were told to put our knees on the floor when we did the stepping lunges, however I found it easier just to bang my knees on the floor but clearly that was not the right thing to do. The bear crawl was just very tiring but the running part was easy because I just didn’t run very much. At the end I had twelve cards and all three packs of cards that we had were used up. I think the highest amount of cards that someone had was nineteen but to be honest I was just happy to finish. I do know that I can walk for a while but clearly I just can’t do too many stepping lunges.” Ben P


Summer Draw

Tickets are now on sale for our Summer Draw. Tickets are priced at just £1 and you could win some amazing prizes:

  • 1st Prize: Balloon Flight with Bristol Balloons
  • 2nd Prize: Bristol Rovers Tickets (two tickets any league match 2018/19 season)
  • 3rd Prize: Group Climbing session at Undercover Rock (up to 9 people)
  • 4th Prize: Luxury Hamper
There are also many other prizes to win:
  • Family day ticket to Clevedon Pier
  • Pair of Affordably Fabulous sunglasses from Lynne Fernandes Optometrists
  • Luxury Tea hamper
  • Wagamama’s voucher
  • Leap of Faith
  • Gin hamper
  • Wine Hamper
  • Everyone Active 2 month pass
  • Box of brownies from Milk and Honey Bakes
  • Hamburger Hill paintballing voucher
  • Paint your own Dalek from Flying Saucers

Tickets are available for any of the party going on the trip to Nepal.

The draw will take place during the Quiz Night on Saturday 15th September at Northcote, Great Brockeridge, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol.

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Henbury Singers Concert in aid of Namaste Nepal

The Henbury Singers will be holding a concert at Westbury Methodist Church, Westbury-on-Trym on the 9th June 2018 at 7:30pm.

There will be a mixture of music types sung on the evening so come down and listen to a varied programme on a lovely summer’s evening.

Profit from this concert go to the Namaste Nepal scout unit. Order your tickets via rachel@abrc.co.uk – they are only £10 each for adults, with children going free.

Fundraising table-top sale in Bishopston

“For group and individual fundraising, we held a table top sale at Horfield Baptist Church (91st Scout hut) on Saturday 14th April. Many of the scouts and explorers going to Nepal came along and helped and overall we raised over £300 as a group. This isn’t as much as we were hoping to get but we are happy to have raised some money from the sale. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much room at the front of the church and we had to do the majority of the sale at the back where not many people pass by but we still pushed forward to get some money from our sales.

Tables were set up all around the hall we were stationed in as well as a BBQ and some decorations outside with a few other tables to attract more buyers. We put up some decorations. Many people came to sell their own things on their booked tables and some even made pancakes and popcorn to sell. The group brought in cakes and biscuits to sell to the public which we sold inside the hall and at the front. Further towards the end of the day, we relocated to the front of the church where we got some more sales and were more successful raising money.

We were appreciative of how many people were willing to come along and help by making cakes to sell and setting up. After the event, we went door to door, selling some of the remaining cakes and raising some more money. Some people were kind enough to donate without buying anything so we extremely grateful for their contribution as well. We hope to have more successful events in the future to raise enough money for our trip to Nepal. ”


St George’s Jig – Fundraising event

The St George’s Day Jig will take place on Saturday 21st April at Horfield Church of England Primary School, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 each which includes a light Ploughman’s supper. There will be a cash bar and a raffle.

Table Top sale at the 91st Bristol Scout Group

The 91st Bristol (Horfield Baptist) Scout Group are holding a table top sale on Saturday 14th April from 2pm to 5pm. All profits form the table rental will go towards the Namaste Nepal Unit (you get to keep whatever money you make from selling your stuff!). Tables are just £10 each so come along and sell your unwanted items, make money and help out a charity at the same time.