Baden Powell Peak Trek

During our recent trip to Nepal, a few of us thought of a cunning plan: “trek up the Baden Powell Peak”, which is a small matter of 5,890m/19,320ft.  We wondered whether you would be interested in finding out more?

Lord Baden Powell Peak, previously known as Urkema Peak, was renamed in 2007 to celebrate 100 years of Scouting – so you could say this would be the pinnacle of Scouting!

Unfortunately, we will not be the first Scouts to summit as there was a party in 2007 (see ).

At this stage, we are just canvassing people around the District for those interested in knowing more, before we go into detailed planning and costing. Hence, we have also been asking other Scout Leaders, with some success.


Trip Details

Our trekking guide in Nepal, Surya Tiwari of Dream Discovery Treks, will arrange everything once we arrive in Kathmandu. Surya has been our guide for the last 3 trips to Nepal; he is also a Scout Leader. Surya allows us to get local prices, rather than paying tourist rates. He also has an Everest permit so we will be well looked after.

Surya has kindly put together a preliminary schedule and day-by-day description of the trek; in summary:

  • Up to 3 weeks’ trip during Oct/Nov 2017 (spanning half term)
  • 15 days trekking, with 2 days in a 4×4 travelling to/from Langtang Hamel area, plus a few days in Kathmandu
  • We will need to be fit to summit, hence Surya has extended the trek to 15 days for us to acclimatise
  • Costs around £2,000 (this may go up or down as we work out the details). Costs include flights, Sherpas, guides, any specialist equipment, hotels, tea houses, food, transport, etc.
  • You will need some pocket money
  • Currently, only looking to take adults but this may change
  • Currently, there are no plans to go to Meghauli but this could change (however, this would extend the duration)

Please mull this over and let Nigel Moore at the 26th know whether you are interested in knowing more. He will arrange an evening for those interested in February to get together to discuss.

Nigel’s email address is