Fundraising table-top sale in Bishopston

“For group and individual fundraising, we held a table top sale at Horfield Baptist Church (91st Scout hut) on Saturday 14th April. Many of the scouts and explorers going to Nepal came along and helped and overall we raised over £300 as a group. This isn’t as much as we were hoping to get but we are happy to have raised some money from the sale. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much room at the front of the church and we had to do the majority of the sale at the back where not many people pass by but we still pushed forward to get some money from our sales.

Tables were set up all around the hall we were stationed in as well as a BBQ and some decorations outside with a few other tables to attract more buyers. We put up some decorations. Many people came to sell their own things on their booked tables and some even made pancakes and popcorn to sell. The group brought in cakes and biscuits to sell to the public which we sold inside the hall and at the front. Further towards the end of the day, we relocated to the front of the church where we got some more sales and were more successful raising money.

We were appreciative of how many people were willing to come along and help by making cakes to sell and setting up. After the event, we went door to door, selling some of the remaining cakes and raising some more money. Some people were kind enough to donate without buying anything so we extremely grateful for their contribution as well. We hope to have more successful events in the future to raise enough money for our trip to Nepal. ”