Fundraiser – Curry and Quiz Night along with the Raffle Draw

We held our last-but-one fundraiser on the 15th September – excellent food, challenging quiz and the prize draw – a great evening was had by all. John A wrote:

“After arriving, I was asked to move the tables, chairs and benches into the
correct places. After this was done we began putting up decorations, such as bunting, flags and other Nepal or scout related things. We then had to unload the drinks from a car into the hall, where we set up the bar. I was then put onto washing up while everyone arrived. Everyone then had their starters and then their dinner, a chicken or vegetable curry, before the raffle prizes were announced shortly after. There was still plenty of curry left over at the end so the leaders decided to package it up and sell it at the end; most of it was sold. I was on washing up for most of the evening so didn’t see much of the quiz but heard from my family that everyone seemed to enjoy it. When the quiz finished at 11 o’clock we packed up extremely quickly so everyone helping could go home on time. Overall I thought it was really good fun, the food was great and the evening was really well put together and organised.”

Thanks all