Fund Raising – Curry Night at 44th

Last Friday night (26th January) we held a curry night at the 44th Whitetree scout hut in Bristol.

We decorated the hall with saris and hangings. There was one large cloth hanging from the ceiling right in the middle of the hall with extraordinary patterns. The tables were laid out with a lovely tablecloth, tea lights and Bombay mix. We had Punjabi music playing in the background. As well as all the tables for eating, there was also a bar at the back of the hall and a table selling desserts.

We had roughly 80 people come to support the night. About 60 people chose to eat in the hut with all the decorations and some took it back to enjoy quietly in the comfort of their own home.

We cooked 19 kilos of chicken rogan josh, 7 kilos of aloo gobi and 10 kilos of tadka dhal. All most everybody who ate in the hut said that, “the food was amazing” and, “compliments to the chef”. The scouts from the 44th were very helpful at setting up the decorations, serving the food and helping tidy the hut at the end of the night.

We raised a fantastic £727 for Namaste Nepal.

Thanks to everybody who came to support it.