Planning has started!


The first full meeting of Young People going on the 2018 trip took place on the 10th October. Planning of the activities at the Jamboree started, along with designs and requirements for a water safety badge that we are hoping to deliver on our trip.

James – one of the Explorers going on the trip – had the following to say:

We had a great evening looking forward to our upcoming trip. All scouts divided up into our patrols and we looked at having a possible camp passport which would result in the Nepali scouts getting a badge at the end of the camp. We also looked at trying to set up a water safety badge. In their patrols the scouts designed the badge and the things the scouts would have to do to get the badge. This would also leave a legacy of the trip by teaching the skills to the Nepali leaders who could then pass the knowledge on to others.
Overall a very productive night, with lots to look forward to for the scouts
Our next full meeting will be mid-November, when the Young People will be having their first S.T.E.M. club meeting.