Get Involved

Now you know a little more about Meghauli and our project, you may like to get involved.

A good starting point might be to learn a bit more about life in Meghauli. Here are some ideas that could be done during your regular Scout meetings:

  • find out about the Hindu faith in Nepal, its customs and festivals
  • cook up some festival food – we’ve done it with Beavers, Cubs and Scouts
  • learn about their national costume, currency, food and crops, and climate and how it influences their lives
  • find out about how they get clean water and how they deal with sewage – there’s no running water out of a tap!
  • imagine life without electricity and mod cons – it’s a bit like camping all year round, through scorching summers and monsoon rains; what you eat is what you grow or catch!
  • build a model Tharu village of mud huts
  • find out about their Scouting system and compare it to ours in the UK
  • invite someone along who’s been there and ask them to tell you about their adventure


Once you know a little more about this amazing country you may want to get involved in some way.


Nepalese people may live in poverty but they are cheerful, inquisitive, proud, and grateful. They cannot understand why so many people from the western world are prepared to visit and help them – whether they are doctors, nurses, schoolteachers or Scouts.


We can do our bit – here are some ideas.


Scouts take great pride in how they look. Their uniform is probably the smartest clothes they have. It costs £15 for a Scout and £25 for a Leader. They can’t afford this, can you help?


Scouts in Meghauli love camping. They are generally very resourceful but need help obtaining equipment. Could you help buy a tent for £50?


Help to buy activity equipment for Scouts to use, such as harnesses and abseiling ropes.

Leader Training

New Leaders are asked to undertake a week-long training course in Kathmandu. £50 covers all their costs including food, accommodation and transport.

Sponsor a Pack or Troop

There are 18 boys and 18 girls in a Pack or Troop. Accommodation can be arranged in the schools and kindergartens. It costs £600 a year to provide them with badges, programme materials and meet general running costs. Could you help raise enough money to support a Pack or Troop for a year?