Participant Blog – Day 3 – Ollie A

After a breakfast of *everything* we went to Monkey Temple. We saw monkeys and a temple. There were 365 steps – one for each day of the year. There were lots of trinkets and (unintelligible) like that on top and around the temple. We walked around the temple doing all the prayers. We chucked some Nepalese pennies into a wishing pool, got on the bus and went to have dinner on top of a building balcony. We had rice, chips, soup. Yummy. After lunch we went walking around the squares of Baktapur looking at te temple of prosperity and many other temples and palaces. Then we headed back to the hotel. In the evening we had very cultural pizza.

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Final Fundraiser – North Bristol Triathlon marshalling

Our final fundraiser before the trip was on the 30th September in the lovely village of Tockington. We were providing marshalling services for K2 Sports ( at the North Bristol Triathlon, along with the opportunity to run a food stall. Many bacon rolls and hot dogs were sold and the event went smoothly. Many Scouts stayed behind to pack away too.

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Fundraiser – Curry and Quiz Night along with the Raffle Draw

We held our last-but-one fundraiser on the 15th September – excellent food, challenging quiz and the prize draw – a great evening was had by all. John A wrote:

“After arriving, I was asked to move the tables, chairs and benches into the
correct places. After this was done we began putting up decorations, such as bunting, flags and other Nepal or scout related things. We then had to unload the drinks from a car into the hall, where we set up the bar. I was then put onto washing up while everyone arrived. Everyone then had their starters and then their dinner, a chicken or vegetable curry, before the raffle prizes were announced shortly after. There was still plenty of curry left over at the end so the leaders decided to package it up and sell it at the end; most of it was sold. I was on washing up for most of the evening so didn’t see much of the quiz but heard from my family that everyone seemed to enjoy it. When the quiz finished at 11 o’clock we packed up extremely quickly so everyone helping could go home on time. Overall I thought it was really good fun, the food was great and the evening was really well put together and organised.”

Thanks all

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Logo designs adopted.

Earlier in the year we asked the Scouts and Explorers to come up with a “camp badge”. The result is a hybrid of ideas from James B and Millie H – congratulations both!

The badge will appear on in various places but will be most prominent on our trip shirts.

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Quiz and Curry Fundraiser

There will be a fund-raising event on the 15th September combining two of my favourite things! Rachel is organising and has let us know the details:

“It is our last big group fundraiser night, and when the raffle will be drawn. Mily and Yoga (Aryan’s parents) will be cooking authentic recipes – it promises to be an excellent night

Please order your tickets from me, Please let me know how many adult tickets (anyone 12 and over), how many child tickets (under 12s), and how many meat and vegetarians. Please pay into the Namaste Nepal account, £10 per adult, £5 for under 12s. ”



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Six weeks on Friday!

We have taken the Summer “off” to relax but now we leave in just over 6 weeks. There are still lots of jobs to be done, kit to be bought, fundraising to finish and a raffle to be drawn.

Welcome back!

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Health & Fitness Assessment Evening Blog #1

“We started by splitting into two groups. One group went up to Horfield Common and the other group stayed and used the rowing machines. I was in the group that did the rowing machines first. We all had to partner up to use the machines because there weren’t enough. I started off going at a fast kind of pace but slowed down quite soon into it. I didn’t enjoy much of the rowing, however I did enjoy the break that I got when it was my partner’s turn! I used the machine one more time and my partner used it two more but I can’t say that I was complaining that he used it more than me. We then swapped with the group that had been on the common.

On Horfield Common we had to do stepping lunges, bear crawl and two laps of running/walking (for me it was mostly walking). Everytime we got to the cones and back we got a card and even though it wasn’t actually a competition, most of us were still competitive. The first few laps were fine and then my knees started hurting because we were told to put our knees on the floor when we did the stepping lunges, however I found it easier just to bang my knees on the floor but clearly that was not the right thing to do. The bear crawl was just very tiring but the running part was easy because I just didn’t run very much. At the end I had twelve cards and all three packs of cards that we had were used up. I think the highest amount of cards that someone had was nineteen but to be honest I was just happy to finish. I do know that I can walk for a while but clearly I just can’t do too many stepping lunges.” Ben P


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Second-hand bike sale

There will be a second-hand bike sale on Saturday 17th March between 10am and 1pm at the Westbury on Trym Methodist Church Hall. All monies raised will be going towards the Namaste Nepal Unit.

If you have a bike to donate get in touch. If you want to buy a bike at very reasonable cost please come along and splash your cash. There is also a cake and sweet stall.

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