Health & Fitness Assessment Evening Blog #1

“We started by splitting into two groups. One group went up to Horfield Common and the other group stayed and used the rowing machines. I was in the group that did the rowing machines first. We all had to partner up to use the machines because there weren’t enough. I started off going at a fast kind of pace but slowed down quite soon into it. I didn’t enjoy much of the rowing, however I did enjoy the break that I got when it was my partner’s turn! I used the machine one more time and my partner used it two more but I can’t say that I was complaining that he used it more than me. We then swapped with the group that had been on the common.

On Horfield Common we had to do stepping lunges, bear crawl and two laps of running/walking (for me it was mostly walking). Everytime we got to the cones and back we got a card and even though it wasn’t actually a competition, most of us were still competitive. The first few laps were fine and then my knees started hurting because we were told to put our knees on the floor when we did the stepping lunges, however I found it easier just to bang my knees on the floor but clearly that was not the right thing to do. The bear crawl was just very tiring but the running part was easy because I just didn’t run very much. At the end I had twelve cards and all three packs of cards that we had were used up. I think the highest amount of cards that someone had was nineteen but to be honest I was just happy to finish. I do know that I can walk for a while but clearly I just can’t do too many stepping lunges.” Ben P


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Second-hand bike sale

There will be a second-hand bike sale on Saturday 17th March between 10am and 1pm at the Westbury on Trym Methodist Church Hall. All monies raised will be going towards the Namaste Nepal Unit.

If you have a bike to donate get in touch. If you want to buy a bike at very reasonable cost please come along and splash your cash. There is also a cake and sweet stall.

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Fund Raising – Curry Night at 44th

Last Friday night (26th January) we held a curry night at the 44th Whitetree scout hut in Bristol.

We decorated the hall with saris and hangings. There was one large cloth hanging from the ceiling right in the middle of the hall with extraordinary patterns. The tables were laid out with a lovely tablecloth, tea lights and Bombay mix. We had Punjabi music playing in the background. As well as all the tables for eating, there was also a bar at the back of the hall and a table selling desserts.

We had roughly 80 people come to support the night. About 60 people chose to eat in the hut with all the decorations and some took it back to enjoy quietly in the comfort of their own home.

We cooked 19 kilos of chicken rogan josh, 7 kilos of aloo gobi and 10 kilos of tadka dhal. All most everybody who ate in the hut said that, “the food was amazing” and, “compliments to the chef”. The scouts from the 44th were very helpful at setting up the decorations, serving the food and helping tidy the hut at the end of the night.

We raised a fantastic £727 for Namaste Nepal.

Thanks to everybody who came to support it.


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Nepalese Meal – Another perspective

When I first arrived at the Nepalese restaurant it was quite dim but it was very fancy with all the different colours and the really interesting artifacts. When we all sat down with our patrols I just couldn’t stop laughing (almost spilt my drink) because all of my patrol were just so funny. it was great to be in that patrol. The food was very nice as well because I like curry but sometimes it can get very spicy but this curry was bang on for how hot it was. It was just non stop laughter every second in the restaurant with my patrol. The staff were quiet but were very nice and helpful.

Overall, the meal was great, my patrol were just the best and the funniest and I can’t wait to experience the life of living in Nepal for 2 weeks, it will be great.

Harri B

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Nepalese Meal in Bristol

In Namaste Nepal, the Nepalese restaurant that we visited, we all sat with our patrols on long tables around the edge of the room, with the leaders on a table in the middle. After catching up with each other for a bit, we were served our starter of momos. Momos are the Nepalese version of dumplings containing meat or vegetables, served with a spicy dip. Everyone seemed to really enjoy these.

For a main we were served lentils, chicken tikka, and two other dishes, one with lamb and one with chicken. This was served with naan bread and rice. At the end of the meal a cake was brought out for Izzy as it was her birthday on the same night. Overall it was a great night that everyone enjoyed.

John A


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Bag Packing Success!

Well done today, in only two hours bag packing today we managed £503.15

Plus 5 Swedish Kronor, 0.23 euros and two old pounds 🙂

Nigel Moore

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Christmas Tree Sale Fundraising – over £250 raised

Today (9th December 2017) the Scouts, Explorers and parents had good fun selling Christmas trees, cakes and bacon butties outside the URC. Despite the cold, sales were good and many bacon butties were enjoyed. Thankfully, there was no rain/snow and my fingers and toes have now defrosted!

– Ben B

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