About Us

Welcome to Namaste Nepal, a Scout Active Support Unit that is helping to establish a Scouting community in Meghauli, and the surrounding villages, in the south of the beautiful country of Nepal. We exist today because there is a need to support the development of Scouting in Meghauli.

The people of Meghauli recognise that Scouting presents a unique opportunity and experience for children to learn important life-skills that will help them when they grow into adulthood. Our project is to help the local village communities form new Scout Groups, and to support and sustain those that have started.

Supporting Scouts in Nepal

Here are some of the ways Namaste Nepal has helped support Scouting 

  • Funding the cost of training new Scout leaders in the post-COVID restart
  • Providing tents for use by the Scouts and medical teams in Clinic Nepal
  • Providing uniforms to new troops
  • Funding camps and activities
  • Funding a new Scout headquarters in Meghauli

Namaste Nepal helps support five Scout troops (11 to 16 years)

  • 1st Meghauli Scout Troop
  • Bayarghari Scout Troop
  • Daldale Scout Troop
  • Prabhat Scout Troop
  • Shosi Scout Troop
  • One Scout service crew (16 to 25 years)
  • Chitwan Smart Scout Crew

Life in Meghauli

Most people in Meghauli are from the lower castes and very poor. There are more than 10,000 people in this area, for the most part living of the land in isolated villages and communities with no electricity, industry, or money. This is where we can help. Our project is to help the local villages form new Scout Groups, and to support and sustain those that have started… Find out more about Life in Meghauli

How Namaste was Formed

The origins of Namaste Nepal go back more than 30 years. Two Scout Leaders from Bristol were “lost” in the jungle in the south of Nepal, en route to an international jamboree near Kathmandu. By chance, an 11 year old Nepalese Scout came to their rescue and offered them his family’s hospitality for the night. And a friendship was born… Find out more about the origins of Namaste Nepal

Links and Acknowledgements 

We are very grateful for the support of the following people and organisations in helping us with this project:

  • Nepal Scouts
  • Clinic Nepal – Meghauli
  • The Friendship Clinic Nepal

Useful Links:

We are part of Cabot District Scouts based in North and West Bristol, UK. We welcome interest from individuals and organisations who would like to know more about our project. Contact Us