Participant Blog Day 8 – Millie H

My tent-mate woke me up at 7:25 for early morning exercises. The entire camp consisting of 31 of us and about 150 Nepalese Scouts walked to the airfield which took about 10-15 minutes, although most people walked, which is what we were supposed to do. We did six Baden Powel exercises – a lot like yoga. Not happy. Then we walked for breakfast and I accidently put warm Yak’s milk onto my cornflakes instead of cold!

After breakfast we started your activity – it was supposed to be raft making but we did not have the right equipment and so we used inner tubes and the scouts floated down the river. We put poles of bamboo in the river but the Scouts couldn’t get through them and kept getting stuck. Also later that day was a small celebration and so some of the scouts were wearing their best clothes and didn’t want to go in to the water.

We had pasta for lunch – I liked it – sort of. Lunch keeps giving me hiccus – I think I’m eating too fast.

After lunch we carried on with our actvity and so we have many more scouts come to us. Most of the scouts really enjoyed just playing in the rubber rings. I think ours was the best activity.

After we stopped for the day we had a small Hali celebration – different coloured powdered paint – yellow, green purple and pink – were on trays and we threw it at each other. I was wearing swimming goggles and so I didn’t get any in my eyes but I did get some in my mouth – it tasted horrible. The Nepalese leaders put on some dance music and then started throwing buckets of water over us. After 10 minutes we all went down to the river to wash off. It was actually really fun beacuse the music came with us and we had a great time in the water. That was the best bit of the day.

For tea there was roast pig but I didn’t have any and stuck with the boring rice.

After tea we played cards for a bit and then there was a campfire – we all got given glow sticks and then there were campfire sketches and songs.