Participant Blog Day 8 – Eloise M

The second day of the jungle jamboree was exciting, interesting and at parts boring.We started the day off with a ‘light’ jog and some exercises.- that was anything but fun. And after, the same as usual; breakfast. Nobody seemed to have milk in their cereal however everyone is enjoying the pancakes and honey.Once everyone was fuelled and ready we started out activities. Meeting the Nepalese scouts was great as we got to learn about the differences in culture across Nepal. However, it is safe to say pretty much everyone got tired and a bit bored towards the end – probably due to the heat.The best part of the day was most definitely the Holi festival. We all through colourful powered paint at each other and danced to good tunes; it was a laugh. We then went into to river to ‘wash off’ and have a water fight.We had a spit roast for dinner it was a large pig. Most people enjoyed it however there was many complaints about the amount of fat.To finish the day we had a traditional campfire of the jamboree. It started off a bit boring however after a while it was great and lots of fun.