Participant Blog Day 7 – Aryan G

So I got up in the morning at around 7:20 and that was when I realised that breakfast was at 7:30 instead of at 8. I was surprised I actually woke up then because of the night before when I slept around 11 after the relaxing campfire. Then I went out the tent but went straight back in because it was quite cold and the dew was really dense; I could hardly see the toilets from there. I put on a jumper and sleepily ambled towards the toilets, did whatever, and then walked towards breakfast. I saw the same selection of food the day before and picked up two pieces of warm bread with honey because I had some muesli with warm milk the day before and didn’t particularly like it. The bread was really nice and I was pretty full after eating it so I just sat and talked to my friends.

By then it was around 9 and we were told to prepare for the jungle jamboree. The news wasn’t very good for me as it meant that I had to go collect heaps of firewood for our activity, which is fire-lighting/ fire safety and also making dampers. So, with a few others I set off tiredly and scoured the area for dry sticks and logs, which was made slightly easier for the fact that there was already some next to the campfire. Fortunately, we were told we could take some and I was relieved. Some people were working on the flagpole for the opening ceremony and others were working on their activities as well.

The rest of the people were doing the home-stay and I was eager to see them as I wanted to have an idea about the experience. All the people I asked said it was amazing and that they had lots of fun except for the fact that they apparently had to sleep on a hard, wooden bed with a sheet on top and their own sleeping bag. However, I wasn’t that concerned about it because we were basically doing the same except in a tent with a thin mattress instead of a bed.

After a while, the Chitwan Scouts started to file in. I was quite surprised, as I saw them march in time, quite similar to what I do in CCF. They were all in their own uniforms, but they all wore long-sleeved shirts and long trousers- I had no clue how they coped with the heat but they somehow stayed outside for a few hours while we were eating our lunches and finishing the preparations. Frankly, I think most of us would have fainted or got heat stroke by then if we were doing the same.

For lunch I chose my all time favourite- noodles with prawn crackers. The leaders informed us that we weren’t going to get any food until 7. So, I went up for seconds and after a few seconds was very full. A few minutes later, we all went over to the gazebo and got briefed about the ceremony. After that, we all went over to our tents and slowly changed into our scout uniforms with our Explorer shirts, neckers and dark shorts. Just then, Rob came over and requested me and Lexi to help on stage to hand out gifts and neckers to the ex-prime minister (Sher Bhadur Dawa) and the other dignitaries.

There was a massive celebration when the ex-prime minister arrived and a grandly-decorated elephant followed. After a few speeches, including the ex-prime minister’s one, Lexi’s one about scouting and Rob’s one, the ceremony was nearly over when music suddenly started and traditional dancing commenced. This was completely different to anything I have seen as they were singing, dancing and playing the drums at the same time! It was great! After this all the scouts including us apart from the few on stage had to form up and march. We were only taught how to do it less than an hour before and we were quite confused at times but in the end it was good.

A couple of hours later, everyone started to leave and we were quite exhausted after all the hard work. We all handed out Namaste Nepal bottles and Jamboree neckers to all the Nepalese Scouts and were finally told we could go and have a swim in the river, which was a great finish to the long day.

Some time later, we all had dinner, which was spaghetti bolognese with freshly fried chicken or vegetables. It was all very relaxed then, even with the Scouts, and it was all fun after dinner. Everyone went over to the campfire after dinner and taught each other their own songs with actions and there was a very lively atmosphere. Overall, it was a very organised and interesting opening to the Jungle Jamboree mixed with fun at the same. It was a great experience.