Participant Blog Day 7 – Amina B

This morning, we made the final preparations for our patrol activities. My patrol, Bayaghari are running a blind trail and we had to clear the course and make obstacles. Around 1pm, the opening ceremony began. Around 1200-1500 people from Meghauli and 150 Nepalese scouts participated. This began with the National Anthems of both countries and we marched around with the Nepalese scouts and welcomed local people to the campsite. Dignitaries such as sher Bhadur Duwa, the Nepalese Ex Prime Minister gave a speech along with Scout leaders from both groups, and some scouts including Lexi. The atmosphere was amazing because there were so many people; however I was very hot as it was the middle of the day and we had to wear our uniforms. The ceremony concluded with Nepalese dancing and singing, and all the Scouts were given Jungle Jamboree neckers. Because the ceremony went on longer than expected, we didn’t run any activities today and had a refreshing swim in the river instead.


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