Participant Blog Day 5 – James H

Today in meghauli we were split into two groups and half of us built a bridge over the river, surrounding camp. The other party went into the town to explore the shops, we later rotated after a long morning of activities.

In town me and Sam M got matching suits tailored and are picking them up in 5 days, we also got some amazingly tastie dough balls that tasted like doughnuts. Also in the city our guides picked some amazing supposedly massive lemon but it turned out to be a pik grapefruit.

One patrol went for an elephant safari and took amazing photos.

We also had a brilliant game of football against the Nepalese and the score was 1-1. Just before dinner most of the people went on a jungle walk and a few of us helped finish the bridge. We had a scrumptious meal prepared by Harri’s wife who made us some amzazing BBQ chicken. So all in all it was an amazing day.


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