Participant Blog Day 5 – Ben G

Today began with an early start but quickly changed into an amzing day. In the morning, the unit was divided into two groups. The first group began by helping to build a footbridge over the river but whilst extracting the trees to form the foundation of the bridge, a snake caused pandamonium amongst the group. Fortunately, it turned out to be a non-venomous snake which posed no threat to anyone.The other group ventured into the villiage to purchase clothes and an attempt to buy knives which was soon cut short by the language barrier.After an incredible lunch, the two groups swapped activities and Lexi P and I helped the Nepalese scouts distribute invitations to the forthcoming opening ceremony. After this adventure, the group returned to camp and relaxed with an exiting football match between Nepal and England which ended 1 – 1.Soon after, Bayaghari embarked on an elephant safari and saw a wide variety of wildlife such as deer, rhinos and a wide variety of flora.Meanwhile, the main group finished the construction of the bridge and visited the Meghauli water project established by Hari to combat the rife water bourne diseases in the area. This walk also enabled the group to view the rest of the village and enjoy the curiosity of the Nepalese children. Upon arrival at the campsite we had time to relax but unfortunately, no game of football was played. The day was rounded off by an incredible array of food prepared by Harr’s wife which brought an end to an amazing day


  1. Thank you so much for the update Ben. It all sounds amazing and just worlds apart from my day! Keep on enjoying every minute!

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