Participant Blog Day 4 – Matthew F

Today was very eventful, it began at our hotel in Kathmandu with an early start followed by a great breakfast. Following this we took a coach to the airport to get on our flight. I was selected to be the lone explorer/scout to be on a smaller plane with a few of the leaders. The plane we got on was very small with only around 18 passenger seats and propeller engines. All was good…until they tried to start the plane. When turning on one of the engines to test it before take off it began billowing black smoke. This engine was swiftly turned off and someone was sent to check it. When opening a hatch to check the engine this worker looked away in a combination of surprise and shock at what he had just seen. It was at this point which we new we had to get off the plane. Everyone safely exited and we were put on a replacement plane. The following flight was a great experience with beautiful views, and we arrived safely at our destination.

From there we took a coach to magauli, the village which we are now staying at. We were welcomed with flower necklaces, trumpets, drums, and even an elphant! From there we have been having a nice day at the campsite, with great meals and friendly football games.


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