Participant Blog Day 4 – Bella F

Hello everyone in England!

Today was an interesting day: it began at our hotel in Kathmandu, at 8am, which is when we all had breakfast. We then went to get our bags from our rooms that we had packed the night before and began to load the vans ready for the journey to the airport. We handed in our keys and got prepared to move on from the city life in Kathmandu.

We arrived at the airport around 10.30 and loaded everything onto trolleys. It was clear that security is no where near as thorough as in England – more of a courtesy than necesity it seemed. The airport was small and hot but interesting to see. Flights were extremely delayed but at least I had time to send my postcard. This was the first toilet I decided it would be wiser to squat. Not as luxurious as the hotel at all.

The flight was turbulent and not my favourite but was only 25mins and we had a great view as we didn’t go too high.

Entering Meghauli felt like entering an oven – much warmer. We made two friends while waiting for baggage- two boys who plucked up the courage to practice their english with us. It was very heart warming and sweets and selfies were shared.
After a 45min bus journey with great music playing through the speakers we arrived at the campsite. We were greeted by a huge elephant and lots of scouts. We paraded down the road to the camp.

The camp is really nice, with flags everywhere, a swing, and cool bamboo toilets. I am writing this inside a ‘patio’ area where everyone is playing poker and other card games.

Goodnight, have a good week, love you family xxx


  1. Carol deering

    Love you beautiful Bella x enjoy every second x ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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