Participant Blog – Day 3 – Ollie A

After a breakfast of *everything* we went to Monkey Temple. We saw monkeys and a temple. There were 365 steps – one for each day of the year. There were lots of trinkets and (unintelligible) like that on top and around the temple. We walked around the temple doing all the prayers. We chucked some Nepalese pennies into a wishing pool, got on the bus and went to have dinner on top of a building balcony. We had rice, chips, soup. Yummy. After lunch we went walking around the squares of Baktapur looking at te temple of prosperity and many other temples and palaces. Then we headed back to the hotel. In the evening we had very cultural pizza.


  1. Mily (Aryan's mum)

    First blog of the trip!! Well done Ollie. What sort of chips do they do there then?

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