Participant Blog – Day 3 – Lexi P

We woke up to a typical hotel breakfast, except with a live cooking omelette station. After exchanging our money we headed of to the monkey temple where most of us experienced our first haggling. The top of the hill was beautiful: the roof of the shrine was completely gold and prayer flags joined each building to one another. Then we walked down the other side of the hill to attempt (mostly usucessfully) to throw coins into a pot in the middle of a fountain. After a buffet lunch, we went off to Durbar square, one of three in Kathmandu Valley. Here we saw the temple of Shiva which has survived two of Nepal’s worst earthquakes. We went for a short shopping break, then staright back to the hotel. Later, we all headed off along a bright street full of shops to spend 2 and a half hours waiting for pizzas to come.


  1. Mily (Aryan's mum)

    Ah this is uphill!. Hope you folks drink loads of water. Thanks for this blog Lexi.

  2. Judith Prosser

    Lexi’s Nan 21st Oct 2018
    Very descriptive.You young folk are sooo lucky.

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