Participant Blog Day 16 – John A

After having shared a room with Lexi, we got up for breakfast at around 7. We ate outside, in front of a fantastic view for the snow capped mountains. We set off at around 8. At one point most of the group saw monkeys in the woods but sadly I was one of the few who managed to miss them. We carried on walking and playing endless games of would you rather and 20 questions until we arrived at a small village where we found ourselves in between what seemed like an endless stampede of donkeys trapping us down a narrow alleyway. We then arrived at a cafe at about 11 o’clock for lunch, where we had bhag dahl. We then had a short walk back to the bus.


During the bus journey back, one of the Nepalese  scouts started playing music through the bus speakers, inspiring them to start dancing in the middle of the bus, while it was driving on what couldn’t really even be described as roads. After we arrived back in Pokhara, some of us went shopping before a buffet dinner at a local restaurant. After the dinner the leaders lead us into a pub (no alcohol!- Ed), where we chatted for a bit and watched a struggling cocktail making act.