Participant Blog Day 15 – Heather C & Daisy D

The rafting was really fun and the waves were high and good. Nigel annoyed us all loads by splashing everyone and pushing people into the water. Millie got very angry at him. Ben Amor got stuck in the sinking sand and it took three adults to get him out but at least he won the competition. We trecked to find a scorpion and couldn’t find it but then we did and it was all good‎.
Both days we arrived at about three in the afternoon and set up camp. We had a decent campfire and the Nepalese guides made music using barrels and things. We all had to dance rather reluctantly and awkwardly but it was fun.
On the last day there were very few rapids so we all jumped out of the raft and swam, the river was very cold but refreshing and enjoyable. We were also allowed to go in the kayaks which was good. We finally arrived at the drop off point and then had a very long coach journey back to our hotel in pokhara after 3 very fun days.
Heather and Daisy xx