Participant Blog Day 15 – Emily W and Phoebe D S

The first day we started off with a 3 hour coach ride to the start, then we sat around sorting stuff out and then ate lunch, before setting off. On the water we went down the rapid called ‎Little Brother, but we had to miss out Big Brother, because it’s too dangerous. Next we carried on for a bit then stopped for the day and set up camp (on the beach) overall it was a pretty chill and fun on the water. While other people sat around listening to music, others went off climbing on the rocks and knocking the sand of the edges. Then we sat around the fire, ate popcorn, dinner and finally went to sleep for the day.
On the 2 day we got up for breakfast at 8am, sitting around the still burning fire‎, got ready to leave for 9:30. On the water it wasn’t as cold as the first day as the sun was out so we kinda wanted to get splashed and we got to swim a little, so that was good, but at one point the boat almost  flipped over and James almost fell out and Ian was ready to jump. We stopped for lunch (not much happened, just chilled out and stretched our legs). A little later we got back into the boat and after a couple rapids, we got out in the water to go down the rapid in the water and it was so much fun (other than drinking some water and not being able breathe). We then went back into the boat and went into a cave that had bats in it. After that we stopped off for the day, we unpacked, set up camp (again) and left our stuff to dry. Then we relaxed for a bit, had soup and got some wood for the fire. Once the fire was lit we played some cards, sat around chatting, then had dinner. We roasted some marshmallows and did some dancing to nepalese music around the fire. Ending the day listening to our music sitting around the fire.
Emily and Phoebe