Participant Blog Day 15 – Aryan G

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning by one of my friends and wasn’t very happy as it was way earlier than I had woken up in a long time. So I put on some warm clothes and gloves and set out with my roommate, Harri. And then we waited outside until 5:00, in the pitch dark, surrounded by many mules. Then we started our trek up to the top of Poon Hill, every five minutes seeing the red line of the rising sun near the horizon through the trees. Once we reached the top, everyone was taking photos of the horizon and the stunning view of the Annapurna range. I was amazed after seeing the sunrise as I had never seen a proper sunrise before. After the sun rose, me and James H were invested into Explorers and it was an interesting experience.

Afterwards we went back down the hill and had breakfast. It was the same food as the one we had the day before: spiced potato, pretzel bread and an omelette. Later, after we packed everything in our bags we set off and, at first, it was very steep but later on, we finally reached the tea place. After a few games of cards and cups of delicious Nepalese tea we left. It was quite cold and it felt exactly like the climate in the UK.

A few hours later, we reached the mountain restaurant, where we had some Dahl bhat, which is lentil soup with rice and other types of veg. Soon after, we had finished and we descended the bottom of the valley, near the river, and got ready to go all the way back up. Around half an hour later we had reached the tea house and we were relieved. It was all very relaxed from then and we all played numerous games of cards until dinner. Through that time I went to a stall in the courtyard and bought some souvenirs along with some others.

For dinner, we had some momos as a starter and a choice of fried noodles, spring rolls with chips or veg spaghetti Bolognese. After dinner, we played some more games of cards ( we played in every gap of activities possible) and then went to bed quite early because of the extremely long day and the 7:30 start the next day.


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