Participant Blog Day 14 – Sam B

I awoke at around 6:30 to the duet of Sam M and Ben L’s snores, they both arose soon after to the sounds of my screams after a goliath chicken tried charging through our open window. After packing our bags, breakfast quickly followed. It consisted of garlic potatoes, omelette and a large donut/bread circle. Aryan made the decision to combine the garlic potatoes with honey? But that was up to him so no one complained.

At 8:30 the trek continued, our tiredness caught up and the our excitement of the unknown dimmed as the same steps as yesterday continued upwards. Just as we began to wonder if the steps would ever end the path flattened out and we were met by dense jungle accompanied by the sound of white water rivers and waterfalls. The beautiful scenery was quickly interrupted by what looked like our breakfast covering a patch of the path we quickly discovered that someone from our trekking party had chundered up the morning meal.

After that event finished we made our way to a teahouse for a snack and Nepal famous black tea, a beverage we had all become very familiar with over the previous week. We then found out that in the fairly busy area queues for the toilets were non existent and we would have to fight for the opportunity to let the bladders go.

After a couple more hours traversing through the forested mountains we made it to the hotel. We were happy to find a basketball court and rented a basketball for 500 rupees of a random lady selling souvenirs on the village “high street”. Our fun was quickly halted when the Nepali LeBron James decided to join in clearly using the ametuer English to boost his ego by swerving through our defence numerous times and finishing each run with clean layups. We left the court feeling pretty down and were put down even further when we found out about our 4:30 start the next morning.


  1. Jessica Buchan

    Brilliant to hear from you Sam! You made us all laugh. Hope the rest of the trek goes well. Himalayas a bit higher than the Dartmoor tors x

  2. Anabel Westall

    Issy and I enjoyed your blog Sam. Hope your early morning start isn’t interrupted by anymore Goliath chickens.

  3. Mary Buchan Sam so well described I was with you every step of the way G mirxx

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