Participant Blog Day 14 – Bella F

Today was day 3 of walking (the alternative hike – Ed). The day began with us sleeping-in by accident. It was fine though and we went down to breakfast. I was only half-dressed but it was fine. For breakfast I had half a bowl of porridge and a coffee before up to our room again, getting dressed and sorting final things out.

Today’s hike was, in simple terms, crossing a valley. Going down was OK if we moved slowly. We saw lots of kids on their way to school and other trekkers passing by. There were also many Nepalese wokrers carrying heavy loads on their backs and working in fields.

Once we go to the bottom of the valley we crossed a river and then the climb began. It felt like millions of stairs up but it was OK if we went slowly & drank lots. When we finally reached the top we stopped for lunch which was pasta & tomoato sauce. We all went o the toilet in preparation  for the maddest jeep ride ever. Ollie and I were in the back with Hari and our guide, with Izzie in front. The other two porters got on the roof which we thought was insane – but it gets better.  Children started chasing after the jeep and jump on. One boy, who looked about 6 , was running and crying before he managed to catch up and jump on. The six kids all jumped  out and went to a programme in the next village – it has various ativities like volleyball and football.

We went on for a bit and then it was time for the last stretch we reached camp. On the way we passed through a small village and somebody had a puppy. It was th absolute cutest thing ever and was pure white and fluffy.  We all took turns to have a cuddle before walking for a bit more. There was a final big flight of stairs before we saw the beautiful “Australian Camp” sign. The camp  is nice and looks quite similar to an English campsite in my opinion. The room is small and plain but still nice. Hopefully Ollie, Izzy and I will sleep well tonight. I think our plan is to watch some comedy and play cards – that’s what we have been doing the other nights anyway.

Everyone is well and we are all happy. While we’re sad to know our trip is coming to an end we look forward to seeing you all in rainy UK.

Love you, miss you!!



  1. Monika Forster

    You made us laugh, Bella! Amazing experience! Can’t wait to hear it all and see the photos! Safe journey back! Counting hours now!
    Forster Family

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