Participant Blog Day 13 – Ben L

I arose at 6.30am, just in time to see the rafters leaving the hotel for their 3 day adventure. At 7am we went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. After a delayed start we left at 8.20ish on the 3 hour coach ride from Pokhara to the Himalayas where our own adventure would begin.

The coach ride was as bumpy as can be expected from an endless path of rocky terrain. Towards the end of the coach ride xxxxx needed to use the toilet depsperately but we were told to hold in because we were close, but of course we were not as close as expected but everyone was able to hold it in (for the most part).

When we got off the coaches we were told we would be walking up roughly 3000 steps. Although this already seems like something out of a nightmare it still gets worse! The steps were made out of slabs of rock and stone and so were uneven. This made it very difficult to get into a rhythm and maintain a good speed. After nearly an hour of walking we reach a small village on the side where we stopped for lunch. From where were eating we had an amazing view down into the valley with a waterfall that dropped down into a clear blue pool.

After lunch we continued our tedious climb up the stairs towards the top of the mountain. I regret not searching for the mini market to buy some snacks because the extra energy can be really helpful.

The climb was made much more bearable by the stunning views, both down into the valley and up toward the mountain ranges. It was the most incredible thing I have ever seen.

After the long, long, long clump up the mountain I finally saw everyone at the accommodation we had for the evening. (I was taking up the rear, making sure people didn’t drop anything, or if any falls being and the the sort) and am enjoying the pleasantries of a warm building and a comfortable chair.

Although it was a long and challenging walk it is a great accomplishment that we all made it safe and sound.