Participant Blog Day 11 – Phoebe D

I found the week we were in Meghauli an enjoyable experience, overall. The people were welcoming and weren’t shy to engage in conversation. It seemed to be the girls and young boys who I got along best with personally. They all had good English so the language barrier was never a problem and you can learn about their culture and how they interact with each other just by watching them. In my opinion, the Jamboree was a success. Although it started out rough with the organisation of everything, we eventually learned how to handle hyperactive kids and we all enjoyed being together for the few days the Jamboree lasted. Everyone at the camp were all so nice and welcoming to us and they did such nice things from pitching our tents to cooking every delicious meal. I was sad to leave it all today.

We woke up early, had another good breakfast then visited the Clinic. You can see how much work they put into the scouting they do and how much it has changed people’s lives. Finally we set of on a very long coach journey from about 9am-5pm. It was long but we took the time to chat and sleep and we got through it. Now we’re in Pokhara and everything from the atmosphere to the living space is already welcoming. I’m quite tired from all the work we’ve been doing this week so I’ll enjoy a days rest tomorrow.