Participant Blog Day 11 – Oscar B

As the week in Meghauli draws to a close looking back and reflecting on my time in the small town I can honestly say that it has been unlike any other trip abroad I have ever had. The hospitality of the people who have so little and live such humble lives I think affected all of the people on the camp. The host for my home-stay was very kind and shared his home with me very graciously, I felt truly welcome. Holding the camp for people of all economic and social backgrounds and watching them working and playing together was very impressive to see, holding the camp really hit home the work that the Clinic Nepal does for the local community. I have seen things I never thought I would and done things I never thought I could (as cheesy as it sounds) I have enjoyed every moment and been utterly spell bound by how welcoming the people have been and the work that Hari does to ensure that the people of Meghauli have a safe and prosperous future.


  1. Judith Prosser

    What excellent blogs you.all wrote made me feel I was there.Thankyou!

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