Participant Blog Day 10 – Homestay Reflections

Matt T

It was the least comfortable night of my life. My host family were really nice – they were charming. Basically I slept on a table in a barn. I had a coughing fit so didn’t sleep. They gave me lots of food and presents.

Amina B

I slept in the same room as the rest of the family sharing a bed with my host. The mattress was thin but I was tired so slept well. The toilets were gross and so I didn’t go! It was cold in the night so I had to wear my jumper. That’s a lot of negative things but there were more good things than bad. It was really fun – I would do it again.

Ben P

I didn’t hate it. I didn’t find it great. My host was nice but we didn’t talk much. We shared a room and his brother generously gave me his bed. We went to slept quite early and had dahl bat for breakfast which was quite tasty.

Phoebe D-S

I was nervous but Nissa spoke really good English so that helped me a lit. Mine was only round the corner form the camp. We met up with her friends and other delegates and played cards – teaching them new cards games. They gave a second dinner at 10pm. It was really tasty – not too spicy. I had a room to myself and thin mattress on the bed so slept quite well. It was really good – like visiting old friends



  1. Jessica Buchan

    Loving your posts. We volunteer Sam B to write a blog! (From Sam B’s family and friends 😉)

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